The Indescribable Gift of a Name

I sat there under the shade of a sycamore tree, the hot wind casting dust against my face and into my eyes. I blinked, but the stinging only grew worse. Curse this day. The journey from the country had been long. The streets of Jerusalem were empty, nothing to distract me from my sorrow. Perspiration... Continue Reading →

The Call of the Imperfect

When I looked up the definition of "imperfect" it simply stated "not perfect; faulty or incomplete." When I think of it, that defines just about every human being on earth. We are just a bunch of incomplete and faulty individuals if we're being honest here! In reality, no one wants to be imperfect. When we... Continue Reading →

Reduced to Ashes

I’ve always wanted to use words to draw people in and speak to people and to be a way to express myself and how I feel—hoping that it will help someone. Words have always meant a lot to me. Growing up, I had a mother who would write poems and letters to me and keep... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Passion 101

It's not always easy to find out what your passion is. Some people have to try quite a few new things before they discover what captivates and intrigues them. But once you do, you'll be the happier for it. I knew what my passion was since I was young, or at least one of them.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Fear The Wait

“As a young person, one of the hardest trails to go through is the waiting season. You’re in this place where you feel you have no direction for your life. Where do I feel God is calling me? What steps do I take next? Which road am I suppose to go down? It seems as... Continue Reading →

The Struggle of A Novice Writer

Have you ever literally sat there staring at a blank screen for over an hour? Okay, perhaps that's a little excessive. But it feels like an hour. Or maybe it really is... Anyways. You have all these ideas and thoughts rolling around inside of your brain but you can't seem to put them into words?... Continue Reading →

Mane Attraction

(Ladies) I have been asked to do a post about hair health tips.  This is kind of out of the ordinary for me to write posts like this because my daily hair routine is very simple. And if I'm being completely honest, what works for my hair may not work for yours. Everyone's hair is... Continue Reading →

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