New Year, New Who?

Happy New Year!


Well…2019 came quicker than any of us anticipated. I hope and pray that everyone came into this new year with joy, peace and a goal to make this the best year possible. I have heard a lot of people repeating the phrase “New Year, New Me!” and I understand that it is meant to be a fun motto, so to speak. But, really, how many years have people been saying that and been left completely disappointed when they fall back into some of the same bad habits as before or make mistakes they did not intent to make in that new year? The answer to that would be all of us I’m sure. We all go into a new year with the idea to be a better person overall by making better choices, doing more to improve our well-being, and achieve new goals. Which all of the above are great ideas to have going into a new year, but so often people set unrealistic expectations for themselves and are left feeling low and disappointed in themselves when they fall short or fail to be that “different person”. It leaves that individual feeling worse about themselves than when they started the new year off. That does not leave much confidence for the rest of the year or to pursue other areas of success. This year I am not going to tell myself that this new year means a “new” or “different” me – because it does not. It is a new opportunity to try to be MY best, and if that means I mess up, MY best might just be getting up and trying that much harder to win, and that is a great testimony for a greater you. Go into this year and each new year with goals and areas in your life where you would like to see success, but, maybe, just try to slowly step up the ladder to success instead of loading yourself with new ways of living and changes that need to take place immediately.  If your goal is to lose weight (which is only about half of the world’s goal each year hehe), do your BEST to reach your goal. If you fall short one or two days, keep going. Don’t get discouraged. It is about progress. As long as you have consistent progress I think you are doing just fine. This year, I pray that everyone simply does their best to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Try something you never have before.

Overcome a fear of yours.




Read more books.

Spent time around people and in places that make you happy.

Choose at least one thing about yourself that you see as a flaw and work on it.

Grow and develop your strong areas.


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