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(Ladies) I have been asked to do a post about hair health tips.  This is kind of out of the ordinary for me to write posts like this because my daily hair routine is very simple. And if I’m being completely honest, what works for my hair may not work for yours. Everyone’s hair is unique and different things work better for different people.  However, I will share with you what I have found has worked for me.



Let me also interject here and now that I have never cut my hair, my hair has never been dyed and I have never done any kind of perming to my hair – however, I do use heat on it occasionally.

I have been told on several occasions that my hair would probably be healthier and grow longer if I trimmed it. Also, if I stopped washing it everyday. Because I do wash my hair almost everyday, maybe every other day. Again, as I said previously, each to their own. Some people have very dry hair and can go a week without washing it and lucky them! Personally, I have oily hair and I cannot go days without washing it because it will look and feel super gross. I thought after being told it is bad to wash your hair everyday that, maybe, my hair would be healthier if I washed it less frequently. (NO)

One day, I ran into an older lady in the grocery store who had long, grey hair down to her knees. It was thick and healthy. I had to stop her and ask her what her secret was. She did say good hair is a genetic thing, but she also had some good tips to maintaining her hair. She said she washes it everyday and has for years. She also said she doesn’t put a lot of unnecessary chemicals in her hair (which is hard for me, hairspray is essential). She also shared with me that… SHE DOES NOT TRIM IT.

Now, I am definitely not a professional when it comes to this sort of thing. I really don’t spend a lot of time pampering my hair. But I will share what I know and what I have discovered to be helpful in keeping my hair healthy.

  1. Drink a lot of water. – This is my weak point because I don’t drink as much as I should. I live in the hottest and driest place on the planet (or so it feels) and I am probably extremely dehydrated all the  time. But when I drink more water, my hair feels so much healthier.
  2.  Massage scalp everyday – I do this typically before bed because my hair is up in a bun or pony tail all day and I have a headache by the end of the day. But what this does is it stimulates blood flow to your head and allows for hair growth.
  3. Use natural/organic oil for hair treatment – I have very oily hair closer to scalp, but the ends of my hair are often dry. So I will put oil in the ends of my hair every night and leave it set all night. I have tried different oils but my favorite is “Viva Organic Jojoba Oil”. I also use this for certain hairstyles to maintain flyaways.
  4. Use a heat protectant on your hair when applying heat! – This is important because heat does kill your hair. I am so guilty of curling and even occasionally straightening my hair. With heat protectant, it will help prevent major heat damage.
  5. Comb through hair gently everyday, do NOT rip – I start from bottom and work my way up when combing, this helps with knots. If you start at top and work your way down, you can actually create more tangles than you started with.

This are small tips but ones I have found useful. I can’t recommend what shampoo or conditioning to use because I use all different kinds.  I do recommend getting a natural oil for hair. I have heard of a lot of woman using coconut oil and that is great, but I have found it is too thick and never washes completely out of my hair. Jojoba oil is amazing and I use it on my hair as well as face. I will provide link here

And that is that! Very simple. Nothing complicated (or expensive). Leave comments below of your daily hair care routine and any tips you would like to share!


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