Don’t Fear The Wait

“As a young person, one of the hardest trails to go through is the waiting season. You’re in this place where you feel you have no direction for your life. Where do I feel God is calling me? What steps do I take next? Which road am I suppose to go down? It seems as if one moment you have everything set for your future, all is in place just perfectly. Next, a whirlwind comes through and destroys everything YOU had planned. Sometimes, the answer is simply that God has greater plans for your life. We tend to create this picture of how we want things to turn out, and He has to break it all down and recreate it, if you allow Him. Remember, His ways are so much more beautiful than ours. We are blinded sometimes by our tunnel vision. We can’t see the bigger picture. At times we wish we could just take the potter’s wheel and mold our own lives the way we want. Not knowing what comes next can be such an unpleasant feeling, if you lack faith. I know, the waiting season can be almost intolerable. However, once you stop trying to take charge and give it to God, you will feel a burden be lifted. You will feel free. Just knowing that HE holds you in the palm of His hand.

I know for myself, being in this season not only humbled me, because I begin to realize how small I truly am compared to such a big God, but it also tested my faith. I thought of beautiful, God-fearing women like Esther. Do you think she knew what would come of her situation when she was taken from her home and taken to the king? I can only imagine the trial she faced as a young naive woman. And I realize these examples, right from the word of God, teaches us FAITH. People like Esther, Daniel, Joseph…etc, they all went through a season of waiting. We have to remember that sometimes our plans get destroyed because there is something greater for us. There is something God wants to do in our situation that will be used to glorify Him. That whirlwind I spoke of earlier, might just be providence intervening in your situation because He has bigger plans for you. It’s just the wait that we fear. It’s never easy for us to surrender all control of our lives, but why do we struggle to give it completely to the One who created it? We have to let go. And it is hard. Because it’s our human nature to want to take dominion of our situation. Pray up. This season can be beautiful as long as we have complete faith in God. This season can also be dangerous if we grow weary. Because it’s that time of uncertainty that the devil works hardest to plant doubt and fear in our minds.

Remember: Doubt is the opposite of faith.

By living a life full of doubt, you’re telling God you don’t trust that He will work things out for you. We must not limit God. Allow Him to intervene. Even if that means you go through this season I’m talking about. I’d rather have God look at the big picture and break down some things that aren’t meant to be, than to force my own way with tunnel vision. There has been so many times I looked back on ruined plans, and take it as an immense blessing. I realized God was working on my behalf while I was in my waiting season. He saw what I did not. That’s why I’m saying, “do not fear the wait” because you have no idea the beautiful masterpiece God is molding your life into, while you wait.

Lastly, be VERY careful not to try to force your will instead of God’s. God may want to do something specific in your life, but right now the road seems blurry. Trust me, I have been there. I have tried to force my way, and by doing this, at some point God may just take His hand away and let you do the molding. Since that is what you’re fighting so hard to do, right? That is where the road becomes dangerous. Oh, if we could only see the beauty of waiting on Jesus. He will give you a peace beyond understanding. The waiting season can be a wonderful season. Knowing God is fighting your battles, knowing He is working on your behalf, lifts heavy burdens you never needed to carry. The love of God is incomprehensible. My favorite scripture is found in Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” This is why I choose to wait.

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